Unmotivated Monday

As I get older I find that Mondays get harder and harder. They are getting harder from the standpoint that I know the time with my wife and kids over the weekend has drawn to a close. Sure we get time during the week, but the week gets so busy that quality time is almost impossible to find.

The fact that they are emotionally harder also makes them physically harder. This morning I had a really hard time getting myself out of bed. I set the alarm for 4:15 am because I wanted to get a quick two miles in and then head off to the gym to workout by 5:00 am. 4:15 came, and I reset the alarm..... multiple times..... until finally I knew I couldn't put off the inevitable any longer at 4:50.

As I mentioned I wanted to get in a two mile run and then head off to the gym. I knew because of my laziness that this wasn't going to happen now, so I instead opted to just go out for the two miles. As I contemplated it I decided that I wouldn't be so lazy and opted instead for a 4 mile run.

I was a bit concerned.... You see, Friday I went to the gym with my wife since I was not working. She always spends more time at the gym then I do because of time restraints. This being the case I knew I was going to have to find something to do for a little bit. I like to warm up before lifting but I specifically was not going to run since I had just put in 8 miles the previous day. I was so sure of this that I wore my old running shoes - that I had already removed the inserts from and went back to the factory inserts. Well, I got up on the treadmill to walk for a little bit to get warmed up. This only lasted for about a minutes before I kicked it up and started to run. My legs and feet felt good so I didn't think anything about it.......until Saturday! I woke up and my left ankle hurt pretty bad. I knew immediately that I had probably caused this the day before on the treadmill.

As the day progressed on Saturday and my ankle wasn't feeling any better I was just very happy that I had a couple weeks ago decided not to run the ING Half Marathon..... that was the very next day. This would have had me a total stressed out wreck if I had still planned on running it. I did have a couple friends that ran the full marathon, and one that was running the half. I have only heard back from one of my friends who ran this as his first marathon, although he has been running as long as I know. He finished in somewhere around 3:45 min. That is just awesome! Congrats Kevin!

Now, back to today..... My ankle felt better this morning and I took off for my run. It was cold, windy and misting during my run. My ankle felt pretty good but I can tell it is not 100%. I ran in my new Pearl Izumi's but this time I had my old inserts in them instead of the factory insoles. This seemed to help a lot and I was pleasantly surprised to have no leg pain. The jury is still out until I get a few more longer runs in them, but things are looking good.

I have rambled enough - and lead everyone in circles..... until next time!