Running With The Kids..... In A Thunderstorm

I just went out to run with my older daughter Ashlee and was going to run with my son Brady after we got back. I checked the weather and it said 95% chance of thunderstorms starting in 30 min so I took both of them with me at the same time instead, knowing that Brady wouldn't get a run in if I didn't. We ended up only going about 2 miles because it was too hard to keep an eye on both of them since they run such a different pace.

It started to thunderstorm about half way through so I told Ashlee to go ahead and head home and finish and then I stayed with Brady until getting back home. During that second mile I ran hard to catch up with Ashlee and then came back to Brady to keep an eye on both of them.  Little did I know it was going to also be a bit of an interval run as well :)

Once I got back it was storming pretty good and my other daughter Payton and her friend were still out for their 4 + miler. They really should have been back by then so I went out to try and find them. I was running a pretty hard pace, but I guess that is how it is when you are a dad :) I knew where they had gone since I told them where to go so I knew I would find them if I just kept going. I found them just over a 1/2 mile out and turned and ran back with them. They had stopped and hid under a gazebo because they were scared running in the thunderstorm.

All in all it was a good run.  I had wanted to get a bit more in but it was a good training run with the differences in speed and effort throughout the run...... and I ALWAYS love running with my kids.

Would you run in a thunderstorm?  Why or why not?

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