Options To Run The Publix Georgia Marathon


In recent announcements it is clear you have many options with both registration and running the Publix Georgia Marathon or one of the other races that day.  Of course you have the option to run free by entering to win the current race entry giveaway right here on 26.2 Quest, but a very cool partnership with the Atlanta Hawks can give you a discount off of the current Publix Georgia Marathon Registration.

When the Hawks win at home, runners benefit with a registration discount. Last night the Hawks won their game against the Portland Trail Blazers in a 92-89 victory which means that if you register today with discount code HAWKS you will get $3 off your registration since the point spread was 3 points.  Further information is available here about the Publix Georgia Marathon Sponsorship with the Atlanta Hawks.

Win a Free Entry To Run The Publix Georgia Marathon

If you were not able to secure your spot to run the Georgia Marathon in one of the past giveaways you have another chance.  With the Publix Georgia Marathon just 2 months away on March 18th I hope you are already training if you want to run the 26.2 miles, but if not this entry will also work if you are more of the half marathon type.

The US Road Sports group has offered yet another lucky runner the opportunity to run the marathon or half marathon for the highly discounted rate of $0.  All you need to do is provide the training and transportation which is the easy part right?

What Does it Feel Like to Not Run?

I am sure there are many ways to describe what it feels like to not run, but to a runner not many of the explanations are positive.  As runners we are always looking forward to the next run, sometimes even while we are running.  To our non-running friends we are talking as if we are from another planet we we stress about missing a run or when we long to run when something is keeping us from it.

The year that just closed it’s doors is one that I will not miss when I think about running.  2011 was littered with pain, disappointment, and frustration when I discuss my year in running.  The year started off with disappointment, and never let up.

Run, Chipper, Run

Today’s post is the first guest post for 26.2 Quest.  The post was written and submitted in late November but if you haven’t noticed the posts have been few and far between this past month and I neglected to get it posted until now.  The post was written by Chipper Nicodemus who works for Healthline.com, and was written about his experiences leading up to and conquering a big PR in a Thanksgiving Day 10k.

Look Who Is Running The Georgia Marathon For Free!

The Publix Georgia Marathon is quickly approaching and the winner best be already training.  The giveaway started just before Christmas, but the gift of being able to put yourself through torture for 26.2 miles is being given away now.

March 18th will be here before you know it, and those running will be heading through the streets of Atlanta to once again claim victory in the battle against the hilly marathon and half marathon courses.  If you have not yet registered there is plenty of time and you can secure your spot for $10 less than the current rate by using the discount code 262QUEST when signing up.