Another day.... Another run

I have officially made it my first two run week for well over a month.  I even pushed myself to three miles and it felt really good.

I am not at the office today so I was able to make the trip to the gym with my wife.  She is always a great motivator and I love it when we are able to go to the gym together.  Once we get there we both do our own thing, but I know I have to keep busy for at least 30 - 45 minutes since that is the minimum she does.  Many mornings at 5:00 AM I will only be at the gym for 20 - 30 minutes because of the limited time I have.

I ran 2 miles on Wednesday, and then walked briskly for 30 minutes yesterday, so today I had my mind made up that I would do another 2 miles.  The running is still difficult because I have allowed myself to get so far out of shape.  This has not been completely my fault, but much of the blame does find itself resting squarely on my two shoulders..... one shoulder taking a little bit more of the weight :)

My mind saying two miles kept me going through the first 2 miles, but pure determination kept me going through the next mile.  It felt so good to put 3 miles in, but was so hard at the same time.

Keep on coming back and reading, I still have some hurdles to get over in the next couple months, but I will be back running regularly before you know it.

Tim Wilson -

I needed that

Lately I have been apathetic about running, or maybe the definition for pathetic would be a better overall synopses.  

The last time I ran, long long ago, my shoulder hurt for a few days following.  I used that as an excuse to not get out and run for the rest of the week.  The weeks following I continued to use that excuse and added to it the excuse of stress of work and lack of sleep.  Truth be told, I just didn't feel like trying to fight running with one arm and causing any discomfort.  I was just not feeling like running.

One of the side effects of not running is that my eating habits have been suffering.  I just have a hard time keeping my diet clean, healthy, and in check when I am not exercising.  I think there is something physiological about cravings and how much physical activity we participate in.  There is just a very real difference in what I crave and how much I eat when I am being sedentary.

Last night I got to bed at a decent time, so this morning it was a whole lot easier to get up when the alarm went off at 4:30.  I was up and at it immediately which felt good as a change.  I don't think it was by chance that as I was doing my morning devotions that the scripture was James 1:22-25.  It was just very encouraging to me this morning considering all I have been going through lately.

I made it off to the gym this morning for a 2 mile run on the treadmill.  It was a difficult 2 miles as my lungs were not being shy about telling me that I have not been doing this to them lately.... and they were not happy.  I persevered and hit the 2 mile mark.  This was a great accomplishment because I wanted to give up at the half mile mark.

Keep encouraging me..... I will get back there.

Tim Wilson -

I don't want to look

Right now my running log is kinda like my 401k..... I don't want to look at it.

Lately my running log has been very similar to my 401k.  I have not wanted to look at either of them.  Both of them have nothing good to show.  If I looked at either one of them I will just get depressed.

But, looking on the bright side, like my 401k, my running log will also get better, but the even more encouraging thing is I know when it will get better, the same cannot be said about my 401k.

I have my surgery scheduled to get the pin removed from my collar bone the second week of December.  I am not sure how long after that I will be able to start running regularly, but I am hoping by the first of the year I will be back at it pretty strong.

Tim Wilson -

Running America

Some of you may already be following what ultra endurance runners Charlie Engle and Marshall Ulrich have been up to the past couple months, but for those of you that haven't on September 8, they began running from San Francisco to New York.

Well, their hard work is about to pay off.

Both runners are on pace to arrive in New York on November 3 – right on the heels of the New York marathon. Marshall, 57, is expected to break the record for the fastest run across America for his age group. Charlie unfortunately injured his foot and will be arriving with Marshall on bike.

I signed up to run with them a few months ago as a long shot. I figured that I wouldn't get chosen, but I also knew that if I did I probably wouldn't be able to make the trip to Indiana to run with them because of the 10 hour drive. I did go ahead and sign up, and was selected. They came through the area I signed up for, and I received the reminders but I wasn't able to make it. It would have been really cool.

To stay in touch with fans while keeping their eyes on the road, both have been updating their blogs using a new mobile service called SpinVox, which automatically converts voice into text.

You can track Charlie and Marshall's progress and read their blogs at

Tim Wilson -