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Some of you may already be following what ultra endurance runners Charlie Engle and Marshall Ulrich have been up to the past couple months, but for those of you that haven't on September 8, they began running from San Francisco to New York.

Well, their hard work is about to pay off.

Both runners are on pace to arrive in New York on November 3 – right on the heels of the New York marathon. Marshall, 57, is expected to break the record for the fastest run across America for his age group. Charlie unfortunately injured his foot and will be arriving with Marshall on bike.

I signed up to run with them a few months ago as a long shot. I figured that I wouldn't get chosen, but I also knew that if I did I probably wouldn't be able to make the trip to Indiana to run with them because of the 10 hour drive. I did go ahead and sign up, and was selected. They came through the area I signed up for, and I received the reminders but I wasn't able to make it. It would have been really cool.

To stay in touch with fans while keeping their eyes on the road, both have been updating their blogs using a new mobile service called SpinVox, which automatically converts voice into text.

You can track Charlie and Marshall's progress and read their blogs at

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  1. Great article. Just posted it to my Facebook profile. 8-)

    Congratulations on being selected; yes, that certainly would've been a long trip!

    It should be really exciting to follow their progress!