Father’s Day 4-Miler With All My Kids


With today being Father’s Day what better way to celebrate the weekend than to run the Atlanta Track Club Father’s Day 4-Miler with my kids – all three of them!  The race was run Saturday morning at 7:30 starting just outside Turner Field in downtown Atlanta, and finishing between first base and the Atlanta Braves Home Plate along the dirt track.

Last year my daughter’s Ashlee and Payton ran it with me, but this year took it to the next step when my 9 year old son Brady joined us as well.  This was the first time Brady had run 4 miles so I anticipated there would be a few walk breaks to get the distance, especially considering the hills in the course.

Running on the Moon–Alter-G Style

Alter-GJust over a week ago I was contacted with an opportunity to give the Alter-G, an Anti-Gravity Treadmill, a test run. I have been on the path trying to lose some weight and what better option than to change the world around me rather than changing what and how much I eat! After a brief visit to fantasy land, reality once again set in and I decided it would be quite an inconvenience to walk around everywhere with this treadmill strapped under my feet, so I guess I will still need to get back to that healthy eating thing after all.

The Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill is much more compact than I would have originally anticipated. While it does take up a little more room than a traditional treadmill, it is not as big as I expected it would be. While I am thankfully not injured at this time, the Alter-G was adapted from a design originally conceived for use by the NASA astronauts with just that in mind – to help recovering athletes continue to get the benefits of aerobic training without the stress from the constant impact experienced while running or walking with full weight.

A Cool 13.1 Chicago Story

GreenGirlandMosesHow many times can you say that you have met an elite runner, the one destined to win the race you are running, while riding the shuttles to the start of the race? That is the story that Mary, aka The Running Green Girl, is telling after her experience last week in the windy city.

Mary was selected as the race entry winner right here on 26.2 Quest after a couple rounds of others that were randomly selected first, but could not use the entry for one reason or another. I have to say now that it was destiny that it turned out the way it did, considering the turn of events that day for The Running Green Girl.

Running Video Roundup Contest

movieWe all have our favorite running videos, but yet there are also many running videos that we have missed for one reason or another.  While seeing some new videos recently I thought of this cool idea to get everybody sharing their videos…. with a twist, which I will get to shortly.

Maybe your favorite video is one that makes you laugh like the videos that show the pain in the days after a marathon, or maybe it is one that makes you cry like the ones that show perseverance through insurmountable odds.  Some of my favorites give me the motivation I need to get out the door when I would rather watch just one more video posted on my favorite social media site, while others do all of the above.  Maybe it is none of the above, but it is a video of you doing something running related.  Whatever it is, there is a reason that makes it your favorite and some of those same reasons may be the reason it appeals to others.

Saucony Is Going Minimal, Are You?

SauconyMinimalLogoLately Minimalism has become all the rage.  It is either barefoot running or differing levels of minimalist shoes.  Have you jumped on board yet or are you still watching from the sidelines?  This past year we have seen some sort of minimalist shoes from nearly all the top running shoe manufactures.  One of the most interesting of course has been the Vibram Five Fingers as I mentioned in a recent post, but Saucony has recently taken it to a new level.

Today Is National Running Day, Did You Run?

National Running DayOur yearly holiday is once again upon us and it is time for everyone to get out and run.  It doesn’t matter how far or how fast, just get out and RUN!  Today is a good day to remember what you are running for as so many websites are asking, but this website is not asking why, but more importantly IF.

Sure knowing why you run can help with the motivation to get you out the door each morning, afternoon, or night, and I am not saying you don’t need a reason to run, all I am saying is that sometimes while we are finding a reason to run we find many more reasons not to run.  For that reason I am asking IF you ran, and not why you ran.  I will leave that question to everyone else to ask today.