To Run or not To Run

Since seeing the Doctor last week I have not yet got up the nerve to get out for a test run. The pain I had last week when I woke up still seems to be lingering around a bit. It is not as bad as it was that first day, but I have had enough pain to not yet go out for my trial run.

The latest development in my collar bone injury has been the pain around where the pin was put in. I will avoid most of the details, but I have a pin in my collar bone and it protrudes a little on the top of my shoulder. For the most part this has not been too painful.... until this past Sunday. This past Sunday it started giving me sharp pains, some so bad that I had to actually check to make sure it had not poked through the skin. It felt like someone had stabbed my shoulder with a knife.

I am beyond getting anxious, I really want to get back out and run. Running has been on my mind, and I get frustrated when I cannot run. I have been thinking so much about running in this running hiatus that I even ordered me a new pair of running shoes. I didn't order my favorite shoes this time because the place I ordered them from didn't have my size, instead I ordered the New Balance 1123. We will see how these go. If they don't feel OK it looks like I may have to see them on eBay or maybe I should give them away here on my blog..... hmmm, we will see.

I am hopeful I will be able to start running again in the next couple weeks, wish me luck!

Tim Wilson -

Trial Run

This past Tuesday I went back to the doctor for my collar bone. I was hoping to get some good news and get the go ahead to start running.

The doctor took some x-rays and showed my the progress. He also mentioned that the popping that I feel and hear is because the bone isn't completely knitted back together yet. He gave me the go ahead to ditch the sling which I am happy for. He told me that I was not yet ready for therapy, but by next month I should be healed enough to start.

I then asked him the all inquisitive question.........

When can I start running again?

His answer was less than I hoped. He said: Give it a shot, if you have pain where the break was - stop, but if you feel no pain go ahead and run.

I woke up the next morning and my shoulder was already hurting. I figured if my shoulder was hurting before I even try to run what is the point so I delayed my trial run. I plan on getting out for a trial run sometime in the next week. I am nervous, I kinda feel like groundhog day is coming..... will he see his shadow or not? Will I feel the pain or not?

Tim Wilson -

Home From Vacation - Time For The Doctor

Vacation is over and it is time to start easing back into the daily routine. OK, who am I kidding? There is no such thing as easing back into the after vacation routine, it is better described as being thrust or thrown. Either way you want to look at it, we are home and I am back to work.

Our vacation went really good. We started it by camping for three nights on the east coast in the north east most point of Florida in Fort Clinch State Park, and ended it by spending a few days with my wife's brother and his family in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

This was the first camping trip we have taken as a family since an all around bad camping experience 18 years ago shortly after the wedding bells rang. We had great weather the entire time and had a wonderful time getting burned on the beach. While there we stayed in the Riverside Campgrounds along the Amelia River on the west side of Amelia Island. Fort Cinch State Park in Fernandina Beach Florida met all of our expectations and I recommend it if you are the camping type. We stayed in a tent, but they had lots big enough for even the biggest RV's. During our stay we had Armadillo's hanging out in our campsite as well as the Raccoons. We were not bothered by the Raccoons as others in the campground were because we kept our food in the van the entire time. The Raccoons can open cans of soda and have no problem with coolers as we saw many times around us.

While in Gatlinburg we stayed in a cabin close to Pigeon Forge, and hung out with my wife's brother and his family. Her brother is home on leave from Iraq for about 14 days and we had the opportunity to spend 4 of those days with him. We spent a lot of our time in Gatlinburg and the kids loved the Ripley's attractions. I have to note that the Ripley's group of attractions treat our military right. The deal they give to military families was unbelievable and they should be commended.

Now that vacation is over and life is starting to get back into full swing I am starting to miss running again. I did really miss being able to run while I was at the beach, but I tried to not let it bother me. My collar bone is starting to feel pretty good although I still go through times of a lot of pain. I have a Doctor Appointment this morning and I hope that the extra precautions of not running too soon have paid off and I will be back on the road running soon.

It has been over a month since the running accident and fall. I am not looking forward to having to build back up to my pre-injury fitness level, but I am sure I will be back in no time.

Tim Wilson -

And We're Off

Sorry for the short post, but the family and stuff are all packed to the top in the van and waiting for me. Off to the beach we go, but not only to the beach, camping at the beach. Not just camping at the beach, but the first time we have gone camping in 18 years of marriage, and the first beach vacation we have ever taken.

But no beach running for me, still healing :(

Till our return!

Tim Wilson -

Shoes - Not always an easy choice

The one benefit, if you can call it that, to being injured is that your shoes last longer. As great as that sounds I would much rather be putting more miles on my running shoes.

My current pair of running shoes, the New Balance MR768ST has been getting a rest lately, however it won't be long before the mileage will start to tick again. This made me wonder the other day.... how long will it be till my next pair of shoes will need to meet the current budget cuts? I took a look at my running log and found that my current pair is nearing 300 miles. For the miles that I had been running it won't take long once I get back to running before I will be in the market again.

I have tried a couple different brands of shoes, but every time I have come back to New Balance. I have been a one trick pony when it comes to shoes that meet my needs and the others that I have tried never seem to even come close.

My current running shoes, as mentioned above are the New Balance MR768ST, and by far are my favorite. These shoes even are a step above my previous pair of New Balance, even though my previous pair, the M767SB was the predecessor to this model. This series gives me the support that I need and has been the only shoe that I have been able to run in completely pain free. The shoe is stable and yet doesn't feel too stiff. I also think it is one of the lightest pair of shoes I have ever owned.

Now I just need to get running again.... I am fully expecting the Doctor to give me the go ahead in the next couple weeks. Now..... to pick the marathon.... :)

Tim Wilson -

The Peachtree Road Walk

As stated in earlier posts I walked the Peachtree Road Race this past Friday, the fourth of July.

I actually have a lot to say, but will try to keep this short because most of this will just be complaining. To say it in one sentence: I don't think I will ever walk the Peachtree Road Race again. I highly doubt that I will Do the Peachtree again if I cannot run it.

We left a bit earlier than last year and arrived at Marta around 5:30. We were able to park up close and had no trouble getting on the train and making it comfortably over to the starting point. When we were walking towards the starting areas there was a lady looking to buy a number. She saw me, saw my number, and saw that my arm was in a sling. I could tell the hope in her voice when she said "You aren't going to run with a broken arm are you?" I quickly said no, but I am still walking. Her hope quickly fell. It was kinda funny to watch.

It was nice to walk it from where I was in timegroup 1A, the people were kind to me and didn't give me a hard time for still starting in the timegroup 1A even though I was not running. Near the beginning of the race they let the 1A and 1B groups kinda melt together. I was no longer at the back of all the runners in the timegroup I was in, I was now in the middle of the pack. I didn't keep walking back, I stayed right where I was. When the race began, I quickly worked my way all the way over to the right and believe I stayed out of everyone's way.

Here is where the negative stuff begins. Once we passed where all the fences where on both sides of the road I saw hundreds if not thousands of people lining both sides of the road with numbers on, ranging all the way up to the 9's. At first I thought these were just people that were watching the start of the race, and then were going to walk back and start with their group. I quickly found that this wasn't the case as they all started jumping in all around me. Some running, but most of them walking. This went on for the first couple miles although diminishing as it went on, with people still jumping in to run just the last mile. I should have been one of the first walkers all the way though. I am sure I would have been passed at some point by a walker, but I should have seen mostly runners the entire race. I wasn't in competition, and I wouldn't have cared if thousands of runners were starting around me if they had the right timegroup, but for these people to cheat and not do the entire 10k absolutely ruined the entire experience for me. I got more upset as it went along.

My thoughts are: If you can't run the entire race, run and walk it. If you can't run at all walk it. If you can't walk the entire distance than this event is not for you..... let someone else that wants to do the entire distance register instead of you. Train up to the distance and do the entire distance next year. End of my thoughts.

I did take the opportunity to get my free donut from Publix along the way. I also got a Vitamin Water and was able to get a T-shirt from Chick-fil-a since I was just walking and not running. All things I wouldn't have even thought about had I been running.

My time was not official even though I had a timing chip from the 1A timegroup. I crossed the starting line with it over the strip, but the finish line strip was removed before I crossed the finish so I do not exist if I try entering my number to check the stats. This is OK, I understand. You have to run less than 55 minutes to get in timegroup 1 so you should be able to do it on race day at least close to an hour. I am not sure when they pulled the strip up, but it was before I crossed the line in 1:41:40. It was funny, when I went to turn in my chip the guy said he was getting bored. If I had actually run I would have taken offense to this, but since I only walked I understood.

I finished the race/walk in 1:41:40 with an average around 16 minute miles. I was more sore at the end of the race, and still today than I have been in a long time. I guess that is because I am using different muscles than if I was to run it. I am sure looking forward to getting back to running soon.

Tim Wilson -

Edit 7-8-08: Some pics are now available of this one armed bandit: pics

Off to the races

Well..... kinda.

Tomorrow I will be up bright and early and out the door by 5:00 AM to head for the 39th running of the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta...... but I won't be running.

As strange as it all seems right now I am excited to be getting up early in the morning - to be fighting the Marta crowds - the 55,000 race participates - and later the sweaty stinky ride home. Excited that is, to be able to attend and walk, even though I would much prefer to actually be running. It is very strange to be only walking. I am setting out all my race gear just as if I was going to run, mainly because it is habit, knowing that I will probably be the most prepared walker tomorrow.

In case you are joining my blog for the first time, the reason I am walking the Peachtree can be found in the earlier posts on my blog here, here, and here. I look forward to enjoying the Peachtree from a different angle, an angle not concerned with time, position, or any of the other normal race concerns. You won't be finding me at the starting line stretching, drinking lots of water or Gatorade, or making one last dash to the port-o-potties, but you may find me looking for a free cup of coffee. I am going to take this opportunity to take in the surroundings, and if those surroundings include free donuts, t-shirts, or anything else being handed out along the way, I will take the time to indulge in what otherwise would be passed by quickly by any half-way serious runner.

In March I ran a qualifying 10k and finished in 48:03. That time qualified me for a 1A time slot at the Peachtree, the best you can get behind the elite runners. I was really excited about being able to start so close to the front. I was looking forward to a nice clean run without having to deal with the trash and everything else of the 20 - 30 thousand runners and walkers that had gone on before. Tomorrow I will not be able to use that time slot to it's full extent, but still plan on using it. I will be lining up at the very back of time group 1A with my 10521 number and my left arm in a sling. I will proudly walk the right side of the road out of the way of all the runners. I am sure most of the time groups 1B, 2, 3, 4, 5, and maybe 6 will pass me at some point along the way, but that is OK..... I will beat most of the walkers :)

If you are running the Peachtree tomorrow, give me a shout as you pass me by. I will be the bald headed guy, wearing black shorts, a white tech shirt, and my left arm in my nice blue sling. A simple shout will be nice, please don't come by and pat me on the back, as even though it is my arm in the sling, it is my shoulder that hurts. :) Oh... and by the way, if you are running, good luck.... especially with the new uphill finish!

Tim Wilson -