Trial Run

This past Tuesday I went back to the doctor for my collar bone. I was hoping to get some good news and get the go ahead to start running.

The doctor took some x-rays and showed my the progress. He also mentioned that the popping that I feel and hear is because the bone isn't completely knitted back together yet. He gave me the go ahead to ditch the sling which I am happy for. He told me that I was not yet ready for therapy, but by next month I should be healed enough to start.

I then asked him the all inquisitive question.........

When can I start running again?

His answer was less than I hoped. He said: Give it a shot, if you have pain where the break was - stop, but if you feel no pain go ahead and run.

I woke up the next morning and my shoulder was already hurting. I figured if my shoulder was hurting before I even try to run what is the point so I delayed my trial run. I plan on getting out for a trial run sometime in the next week. I am nervous, I kinda feel like groundhog day is coming..... will he see his shadow or not? Will I feel the pain or not?

Tim Wilson -