Publix Georgia Marathon Race Entry Winner


The much anticipated winner of the Publix Georgia Marathon race entry is about to be announced. Thank you to everyone who read, entered, and helped by promoting this giveaway.

Keep in mind, that if you are not the winner, you can still walk away a winner by using the $10 discount code: 262QUEST. This code is good for $10 off either the full marathon or the half marathon and can be used online up until the online registration closes.

West Stride Running Form Clinic

This past month I was given the opportunity to participate in a Running Form Clinic offered by West Stride in cooperation with running form expert Kyle O’Day of Continuum Sports Solutions.  I, like most runners, am aware of my form, but I am never absolutely sure if I am doing it right.

If you read much about running form you know that a lot of emphasis is put on foot strike and what type of shoe you wear or maybe don’t wear.  Too many times people try to fix their form and bent toward injury with shoes or other gadgets instead of seeking professional help with tuning up their form.

What About The Publix Georgia Marathon?


Many of you have just finished a full marathon, while others of you are merely a week or two a way from your 26.2 mile journey.  For some of you this will be just another marathon, but to many others it was or will be the first after a long yet exciting journey. If you are like many of the others who have made their way to the only finish line with ancient Greek roots, it will only be the first of many more to come.

Do you need a discount or a free entry to fit it into your budget?