Some New Equipment

It is time once again for some new equipment.  As a runner I have to say I love new equipment.  I have been putting off for too long replacing my shoes and once again I found myself nearing the 500 mile mark and starting to feel the strange pains brought on by very tired shoes.

I knew it was time for new shoes, but also knew that both of my daughters were in need of new shoes and I just couldn't bring myself to buy myself a new pair before I first took care of them. (I have so much to say about my two daughters and track, but I have to save that for another long overdue post)  We finally took care of their needs and so I started looking frantically for my next pair of shoes.  My shoes have been discontinued by New Balance, but I am really happy so I really wanted to stick with the same pair if I could.  Everyone was sold out, but I luckily found my model in my size on clearance at New Balance Web Express.  The next time I am in the market I will need to change shoes..... oh the horror!

I went out today with my oldest daughter Ashlee in my new shoes..... oh how nice to run in new shoes :)  I also took my new watch for one last test drive before telling you about it.

Running The Reagan, After The Race

The Run The Reagan was still ran today and was a great race. The race was delayed 4 hours due to the 4 inches of snow that was dumped on us last night, but somehow the Reagan was clear enough to run on even though all the other roads around were an absolute mess.

As I mention in my post yesterday I didn't run it, but I did volunteer and enjoyed it. It was very cold and very windy (for those of us that were not running it) but we were able to hang in there. Everyone seemed to enjoy running it and the first place 1/2 marathon finisher mentioned to the Gwinnett Daily Post writer that there were only slick spots in a few places, but the rest was clear.

After finishing up with volunteering I came home and got my one daughter and we went back up and ran 4 miles on the still closed Parkway. While we were running we were coming up behind the final two walkers in the 1/2 marathon. There was an ambulance hovering behind them, and as we passed them the ambulance turned on "Free Falling" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on the loud speakers. It was very cool running on the Reagan Parkway since it is a no pedestrian road normally.... except for this one day, it made it even cooler having it pretty much all to ourselves with no cars and very few runners/walkers.

My right calf is still a little tight and not 100% but it does seem to be coming around.

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A Run The Reagan Like No Other

Tomorrow morning is the Run the Reagan road race. They feature a 1 mile fun run, a 5k, a 10k, and a half marathon. If you have been reading long you will remember this race two times in my history. Two years ago I Ran the Reagan as my first half marathon, and last year I Ran the Reagan 5k as I was just getting back to running following my broken collar bone.

This year I was planning on running the Reagan with all three of my kids. I was actually thinking of doing a three race day and was going to run the 1 mile with my son, the 5k with my daughter Ashlee, and the 10k with my daughter Payton. Looking at the race starting times I was actually going to be able to work this out too. We ended up changing our minds this past Sunday when we looked at what it was going to cost us and all the other costs we have had to incur recently.

Since I decided to not Run the Reagan I decided I would volunteer instead. I really didn't want to let go being a part of the race. So tomorrow morning I will be showing up at 7:00 am 9:00 am and helping with the race day. Last year I volunteered and ran the race.

And this is where it gets interesting......

Today, we just got more snow than I can remember ever getting since we moved to Atlanta 10 years ago. I am not sure what the official count is, but I would say it was in the 3-5" range..... sure that is nothing for up north, but quite a bit for down here. To add insult to injury it is supposed to be in the mid 20's at race time tomorrow morning so there is no chance of anything melting off. This will be a snow and ice filled race.

The e-mail came just a few hours ago, and the website was updated. The race was still on however everything would be delayed by 2 hours off of the original schedule. There is still a possibility that more could change by morning, but I hope we awake to find that the Reagan is clear enough to run on.

All things do tend to work out in a way for some reason. Shortly after deciding not to run this race this past Sunday I went out for a 10 miler. 6 miles into the run my right calf started to tighten up. By the time I went to bed that evening I was in a lot of pain. It is feeling much better now, but with it the way it is there is no way I would have been able to run even one of these races...... let alone all 3 like I was thinking.

There will be more races to come, however I am looking forward to volunteering in tomorrows snowy Run the Reagan, A Run The Reagan Like No Other.

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Running the Sahara - Charlie Engle - Coming to Atlanta!

Would you run across the desert? Would you run day after day for months on end? If you haven't already heard about the Running The Sahara film, you have most certainly heard about Charlie Engle and the other "long runs" he has done. Very few can lay claim to the magnitude of what Charlie Engle has accomplished in the running community.

Have you seen the film yet? If so, let us know in the comments what you thought. If you have not seen it and you live in Atlanta you are in luck. One week from today on February 17th at 7:30 it will be playing at the Landmark Midtown Art Theater.......... and guess what? I have a discount code which you can use to get $5 off of admission! The ticket includes admission to the screening, a Running the Sahara DVD, and a post film Q & A with ultra runner and film star, Charlie Engle, who will also be available to autograph your DVD.

To take advantage of this discount just go to the Running the Sahara store at and enter promo code GROUPSALE (case sensitive) to receive $5 off the ticket price. Advance purchases are only $25 - $5 = $20 and are available until 3:00 pm the day of the event, but will be $35 at the door....... so don't delay! Where else can you get a film showing, the DVD, and be able to meet Charlie Engle....... all for only $20!

So you say you haven't heard about the film, Running the Sahara? You can read a lot more about it on the film's website: or it can be summed up below.
Running the Sahara chronicles an attempt by three ultra marathoners to run across the entire length of Africa’s Sahara Desert, tackling not only the elements, but also unimaginable physical and emotional obstacles. Their goal is to run through Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya, and Egypt, anticipating two marathons per day, for eighty days - without a day off. The expedition spans 4,300 miles (6,920 kilometers) and passes through six countries. Charlie Engle from the United States, Kevin Lin from Taiwan, and Ray Zahab from Canada, have run together in marathons before. But this expedition is different. It’s a grueling test of will – a story about the human spirit under fire – and a chance to accomplish something that no known person has ever achieved.
If everything above doesn't intrigue you, then what about the opportunity to meet me in person? I will be attending compliments of the promoters of this showing of the film and would love to meet you as well...... although, I am guessing I will not be as big an attraction as Charlie will be :)

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