Publix Georgia Marathon Race Entry Winner


The much anticipated winner of the Publix Georgia Marathon race entry is about to be announced. Thank you to everyone who read, entered, and helped by promoting this giveaway.

Keep in mind, that if you are not the winner, you can still walk away a winner by using the $10 discount code: 262QUEST. This code is good for $10 off either the full marathon or the half marathon and can be used online up until the online registration closes.

262questBathroomWe had plenty of runners entering for their chance at running the Publix Georgia Marathon for free, but some took it to a level well beyond everyone else. Whether it was Terry who tried to promote it nearly every day, or Rachel who took her promotion attempts well beyond where most people would draw the line. A picture is off to the right in case it inspires you in future giveaways.

Counting the entries took some time. I am sorry if I missed an entry, but I can’t be held responsible for missing one of your entries if you put more than one entry per comment.

We had a total of 56 entries. I took that total and entered it in and the magic number 35 was revealed. Counting back through the entries this number landed on Terry’s comment from the 9th, making Terry Higgins aka Planet3rry the lucky runner who will be running the Publix Georgia Marathon or Half Marathon on March 18th paying only with sweat and countless hours of training.

GeorgiaMarathonWinnerNov11Terry, please send me an email at to claim your entry code. I will give plenty of time for you to respond given the holiday, but if I don’t hear back by December 1st I will need to pick an alternate runner.

If you weren’t today’s winner, you will want to make sure you Circle 26.2 Quest on Google+, Like the 26.2 Quest Fanpage, follow on twitter at @262quest, and subscribe to the RSS Feed to make sure you are one of the first to find out about the next race entry giveaway.... yes, I said the NEXT race entry giveaway.

Thanks for reading, now make sure you congratulate Terry!

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