Shoes - Not always an easy choice

The one benefit, if you can call it that, to being injured is that your shoes last longer. As great as that sounds I would much rather be putting more miles on my running shoes.

My current pair of running shoes, the New Balance MR768ST has been getting a rest lately, however it won't be long before the mileage will start to tick again. This made me wonder the other day.... how long will it be till my next pair of shoes will need to meet the current budget cuts? I took a look at my running log and found that my current pair is nearing 300 miles. For the miles that I had been running it won't take long once I get back to running before I will be in the market again.

I have tried a couple different brands of shoes, but every time I have come back to New Balance. I have been a one trick pony when it comes to shoes that meet my needs and the others that I have tried never seem to even come close.

My current running shoes, as mentioned above are the New Balance MR768ST, and by far are my favorite. These shoes even are a step above my previous pair of New Balance, even though my previous pair, the M767SB was the predecessor to this model. This series gives me the support that I need and has been the only shoe that I have been able to run in completely pain free. The shoe is stable and yet doesn't feel too stiff. I also think it is one of the lightest pair of shoes I have ever owned.

Now I just need to get running again.... I am fully expecting the Doctor to give me the go ahead in the next couple weeks. Now..... to pick the marathon.... :)

Tim Wilson -