Running Video Roundup Contest

movieWe all have our favorite running videos, but yet there are also many running videos that we have missed for one reason or another.  While seeing some new videos recently I thought of this cool idea to get everybody sharing their videos…. with a twist, which I will get to shortly.

Maybe your favorite video is one that makes you laugh like the videos that show the pain in the days after a marathon, or maybe it is one that makes you cry like the ones that show perseverance through insurmountable odds.  Some of my favorites give me the motivation I need to get out the door when I would rather watch just one more video posted on my favorite social media site, while others do all of the above.  Maybe it is none of the above, but it is a video of you doing something running related.  Whatever it is, there is a reason that makes it your favorite and some of those same reasons may be the reason it appeals to others.

So, lets get sharing!

As you are aware I have a Facebook Fanpage to help build community around the 26.2 Quest blog.  If you haven’t stopped by and “Liked” the 26.2 Quest Fanpage you are missing out on some great conversations and getting to know some other 26.2 Quest groupies.  This contest will be taking place completely on the Fanpage, with you doing the sharing.

All you need to do is visit the 26.2 Quest Fanpage and make sure you “Like” it.  Once you have taken care of that go searching high and low on the internet for your favorite running video and post it to the 26.2 Quest Fanpage.  Give us just a few words that tell us why it is your favorite when you post it just incase it isn’t obvious.

Now, here is where the fun begins.  Whichever video gets the most “Likes” between now and June 24th at 9:00 pm est will be awarded a $25 Gift Certificate provided by none other than the biggest 26.2 Quest Fan – me!  However you want to get those “Likes” is up to you, you can beg all of your friends to come vote for your video, or you can just let fate take it’s course and hope your 3 hour documentary of why little toes should be amputated to cut down on wind resistance for mid-pack runners will stand on it’s own. 

Either way it is up to you, but if you decide to beg and plead for votes you can make it easier by first inviting all your friends to “Like” the 26.2 Quest Fanpage by using this link –> or by sending a telegraph, whichever you feel will be most effective.  Once you have helped them join the community you can send them directly to your posted video to make sure they don’t get sidetracked by the video explaining the 5 ways to preserve your little toes just incase you change your mind about wanting to get faster and decide to get them reattached.  This can be done using the direct link that can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of your post as shown in this example.

I have posted the first video to get us started, but I am not eligible for the prize :)  Don’t delay, get your video posted today for the best chances at winning the prize!

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