Today Is National Running Day, Did You Run?

National Running DayOur yearly holiday is once again upon us and it is time for everyone to get out and run.  It doesn’t matter how far or how fast, just get out and RUN!  Today is a good day to remember what you are running for as so many websites are asking, but this website is not asking why, but more importantly IF.

Sure knowing why you run can help with the motivation to get you out the door each morning, afternoon, or night, and I am not saying you don’t need a reason to run, all I am saying is that sometimes while we are finding a reason to run we find many more reasons not to run.  For that reason I am asking IF you ran, and not why you ran.  I will leave that question to everyone else to ask today.


I didn’t run far, I ran 3.1 miles, or a 5k depending on how you look at it.  I ran last night and planned to run this morning but yes, once again, I tried talking myself out of it when the alarm went off at 5:00 am.  I did sleep till 5:15 because I had a little extra time this morning, but was up and out the door by 5:40.

It was a humid run with the humidity right at 88 percent, but it was only 71 degrees.  I know many people think I am crazy but I like running in this weather.  I can handle the humidity, it is the sun and heat that we ran in last night that I can do without.  During my first mile out I passed a running coming towards me, and then about half way into my run a neighbor of mine came up behind me on the opposite side of the road.  It was good to see other runners out and about celebrating National Running Day…. even if they were not aware it was today.

Did You Run?


  1. Wow, I hate running in humidity! Good for you for getting out there! I'm debating myself if I want to go for a run! Check out my blog if you get a chance, i'm running my first marathon in October!

  2. If I were home and not sore from the marathon I ran a few days ago than I would celebrate it properly, haha. But I'm too sore I did a post on running. Does that count as celebrating? ;) Fun to find your blog!

  3. Thanks Shannon.  I hope you made it out.  I will stop by your blog and check it out soon!

  4. Sure it counts Charissa, especially if you just ran a marathon :)  Congrats!  How did you do?

  5. I hadn't planned my work outs to coincide with National Running Day so I celebrated today with a 4 mile run! I too love to run in the warmer weather and today was one of those picture perfect days where I felt as though I could run forever!

  6. I did run on the holiday! It was dreadful outside at 5:45 pm, but I chugged along for 5.5 miles.