Slow Going

The going is still slow.  I have had very little opportunity to run lately with the continued pain in my shoulder.  Don't count me out, because the day will come when this affliction is healed and you all will be needing to watch your back once again. :)

Tim Wilson -


  1. You'll get there. Boy, it's been a while now!

  2. It might be slow going, but hang in there! Of course, it takes time to heal, (& knowing you, probably longer than you'd like!), but with some creative thinking I bet you'll be able to find alternate ways to stay fit in the meantime, to work around your injuries.

    Sounds like we're on the same wavelength; I just wrote a similar post on my blog! ;-)

    So I hear ya!

  3. Thanks guys - yea it has been a while.... too long. It will be at least a couple more months before I can run too much. Not much hope for a spring marathon, but maybe a half.