It saw it's shadow

This past Thursday afternoon I went back to see the doctor concerning my collar bone. This appointment was a follow up to see how everything was healing and to discuss the removal of the pin. I was looking forward to this appointment because this pin can be oh so uncomfortable at times, and is truly in the way many times.

I wasn't very optimistic, and was actually kinda concerned that it wasn't time yet because the bone still seems to be clicking every so often meaning that it is still moving a bit. The last thing I want to happen is the bone re-break after the pin is removed.

Well, the day came and the xrays were taken. Things are healing but not fast enough to warrant the removal of the pin yet. So, in ground hog day's terms, the pin saw it's shadow and we will have two more months of the pin. The doctor did go ahead and have me schedule the surgery and I will be having the pin removed the second week in December. That gives my body two more months to heal, and will mean that I will have had the pin in my shoulder for 6 months by the time it is done. Quite the setback to getting 1000 miles in this year :(

I will be able to continue the little running that I am doing now, but may have to cool it a bit right after the pin comes out for a little bit, we will have to see when the time gets closer.

Tim Wilson -

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