8 Pre-work Miles

This morning was the first time that I have gone longer than a 10k before work. I have been trying to work my miles back up to pre-half weekly distances, but a busy work and life schedule has made this difficult for me.

I will be at a work related training seminar all day Saturday so I knew I wouldn't get much of a run in if any. I decided to hit the road at the normal 5:00 AM time and to try to go a bit further. Mind you that I have not run further than a 10k since my Half Marathon so I was not sure how this would go. The run went really good even though I was trying to talk myself out of the last two miles much of the run.... especially when my battery died in my mp3 player at mile 4. I went the full 8, and the last two felt the best.... what a great feeling!

I do have to add, the last half mile was probably all on adrenaline. When I was coming up on 7 1/2 I was running down a very familiar country road, the road I run almost every time I run. A car was headed towards me like every other car that heads towards me, and then all of a sudden the car swerved off the road onto the shoulder towards me, like they were intentionally trying to hit me. They quickly swerved back over, but I had already spiked my heart rate and jumped off the road into the grass scared to death. As they came past my fear turned to anger as I am sure this was one of those "hey watch this!" moments for the people (probably high school kids) in the car.