Running with my boy

Today has been a really awesome day.  I have been able to spend the entire weekend with just my little boy.  My wife is at the beach and my two daughters are at our church for the weekend at a conference.

We started the weekend off with Pizza, a movie, and then ice cream following.  Not a good choice of food at all, but sometimes you just got to do it for the experience with your kids.  We went where he wanted to go.

This morning we decided to go to the school and throw the baseball around a bit.  I knew it was going to be hard to get any kind of run in since it is just me and my 7 year old hanging out.  He has been asking me for months to go running while he rides his bike, but for too long I was injured and couldn't do it.  


We both got ready and we packed a backpack with water, gloves, and a baseball.  We put the backpack on his back and we hit the road.  I was running and he was riding his bike.  We did have to stop and walk a couple times because the bike was too hard to ride up some of the hills, but the rest of the run/ride went really good.  We spent about 45 minutes playing there and then made the trip home.  The trip home was better than the trip there as we went a different way with fewer hills.

I asked him and he said that he was having a very fun day and wanted to do it again sometime soon.  This wasn't a great run as far as getting miles in or trying to hit a certain time, but it cannot be replaced with a better afternoon and time with my boy.... priceless!