Saturday's Good Run - Building Back the Distance

This past Saturday was another good run in the road to recovery.  I had pretty much given in to the fact that I wouldn't be going out for any substantial run.  The weatherman had told us that it was going to rain all day Saturday.

My wife had gotten home just about 11:00 from a doctor appointment and asked when I was going for my run.  I had been so into other things that I had not even noticed that it was not currently raining.  It was pouring just a short time earlier.  I was then not very happy because I had just gotten through eating a snack that I would regret in just a couple short miles.

I gave it some time and about 12:45 I headed out the door.  My plans were to go 7 or 8 miles, but wasn't sure where I would go yet.  Of course as soon as I got on the road the rain started to fall again.  The fact that it wasn't that cold kept the rain from detering me and I kept on going.  Before hitting the edge of the neighborhood I had decided I was going to take the 6 mile loop that I used to take during my past long runs of 10 - 14 miles.  This way I wouldn't cheat and try to cut the run short if it continued to rain or get a little cold.  I jsut figured I would add a mile or two in near the end of the run before re-entering the neighborhood.

The first couple miles were as good as any first couple miles are, and then the next couple miles really seemed kinda tough.  This is one of the benifits of running a circle..... I had to come back, so I couldn't give up.  After the next couple miles I was getting into the groove pretty good and the run was quite enjoyable.  As I neared our neighborhood I opted to do another 2 mile cirlce sealing the distance at 8 miles.

When I finished up the last bit I was very pleased to find that I still had energy left.  I probably could have gone another mile or two without too much issue, but being that this was the first distance past 6 miles since my injury, I figured I best stop to keep from being injured again.

All in all, I am very pleased with this run, I feel like I am starting to get my running legs and lungs back.... now if I can just drop those few extra pounds!


  1. Tremendous news Tim - great run! The pounds will start to come off as the mileage increases. It's a fine balance, but if you can skip a few calories and log a few extra miles, the weight will take care of yourself.

    (Not that I'm telling you anything you don't already know, I remember your impressive stats on!)

  2. congrats on getting in some miles. It will not take long and you will be back in rare form. How about that snow?

  3. Sounds like you are on the right track! Great job on the run :-) --Alex (aka run350)

  4. and it felt really good....

    yea, I know the weight will take care of itself, just waiting..... :)

    That snow was something else wasn't it Mike? We got about 6 inches here. The kids absolutely loved it!

    Thanks Alex!

  5. good job! I had an absolutely HORRIBLE 13 miles 2 days ago... I guess my body telling me not to push it after a marathon 2 weeks ago even though I didn't push it in the marathon...

    Keep taking it easy and you'll be back in no time!

  6. It is funny how our body tells us what we really need.... we just don't listen intently enough all too often :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Sounds like you are on the right track! Great job on the run :-) --Alex (aka run350)