100 Push Ups and 200 Situps aka @100pushups

Yes, I have officially joined the club and have started the 100 Push Ups plan. I am a glutton for punishment and have also started the 200 Situps just one week later.

It was just over a year ago when my online running buddy, Steve Speirs aka @britishbulldog and blogger extraordinaire over at www.runbulldogrun.com started the 100 Push ups craze. That was right around the time I broke my collar bone so I was not able to participate, but I knew one day, once my collar bone was completely healed I would join that craze.

That time has come and just last week I started the 100 Push Ups. This week as I started the second week I also started the 200 Situps plan and will be doing them on alternating days.

Steve has also written an accompanying book called 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups available where ever good books are sold.

I know of a couple others out on Twitter that are currently doing it, if you are one of those, make yourself known in the comments with your Twitter ID so we can check up on each other.

Wish me luck!

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