My Fastest Mile

I hit the road this morning and decided I would do a long interval and see how fast I could sustain for 1 mile. I did a warm up mile and then turned it on for the second mile. I wanted to see how fast I could go for an entire mile without giving up or giving in.

You must remember that the person in question here (me) is a former fatty and still carries around a little loose skin and extra weight here and there so running fast is not my fortitude.

My first mile was a nice easy first mile pace at 9:18 and as soon as I saw my MyTach click 1 mile I turned it on..... no looking back! I thought after about 1/4 mile that I wouldn't be able to make it to the next mile marker without giving up, but I pressed on. The houses went by much quicker than they usually do.... funny :) I must have sounded like I was going to die with the way I was breathing (maybe because I was going to) but I finally rounded the last corner and I could see the spot I knew as the 2 mile mark. I didn't let up, and kept pumping knowing now that I would make it. I hit the spot and my MyTach beeped, I looked down to see something I had never seen before....... a 6 as the first digit! It was a high 6, but it was a 6 none the less. It was officially my fastest mile I ever remember at 6:49!!!!

I stopped and walked for a few paces to regain my composure and then picked back up again running. I was going to finish off with a 1 mile cool down but had nothing left and stopped at the half mile mark (4:27) and finished it off walking.

Another milestone, and one I am very proud of. I won't be seeing this time in any races soon (if ever) but I was able to hit it which makes me very happy :)

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