Hamstring Is Feeling Better

I took a few days off following my little episode with my Hamstring last week.

I took four days off and then went out for a slow easy 2 miler on Tuesday to see how it felt. I paid really close attention to it and it felt pretty good until near the end when it got a little sore. The soreness was more like I had been running for a while and not like the pain I had at the end of the run where I hurt it.

Thursday I went out for another 2 miler. I wanted to go three but had some issues at work that took precedence and caused me to not have enough time to do the 3 miles. These two miles felt better than the first run but my hamstring is still not 100%.

Today, Payton and I went out for 3 miles. We waited till afternoon to go and of course right before we walked out the door it started raining..... as if the 38 degrees wasn't bad enough already! Today's run I didn't even think about the hamstring until we were almost a mile in, and it didn't bother me at all the entire run...... this was really good to experience!

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