Her First 2 Mile Run..... EVER

My oldest daughter, Ashlee, and I just got back from a cold run. It was 39 degrees, but "feels like" 30 with the wind. We went for a 2 mile run - this was her first 2 mile run ever! I am very proud of her, she didn't get too mad at me until about 1.6 :)

You may have read recently that she has decided that she wants to run distance in track this coming season. She has never been my runner, but she is taking it much better than I had anticipated. Last week we started with running 1 mile every other day and this week we are upping it to 2 miles every other day.

We walked back to the house and then I went back out for another 1.2 to round up a 5k + .1

Ashlee, I am really proud of you!!!

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