Running The Reagan, After The Race

The Run The Reagan was still ran today and was a great race. The race was delayed 4 hours due to the 4 inches of snow that was dumped on us last night, but somehow the Reagan was clear enough to run on even though all the other roads around were an absolute mess.

As I mention in my post yesterday I didn't run it, but I did volunteer and enjoyed it. It was very cold and very windy (for those of us that were not running it) but we were able to hang in there. Everyone seemed to enjoy running it and the first place 1/2 marathon finisher mentioned to the Gwinnett Daily Post writer that there were only slick spots in a few places, but the rest was clear.

After finishing up with volunteering I came home and got my one daughter and we went back up and ran 4 miles on the still closed Parkway. While we were running we were coming up behind the final two walkers in the 1/2 marathon. There was an ambulance hovering behind them, and as we passed them the ambulance turned on "Free Falling" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on the loud speakers. It was very cool running on the Reagan Parkway since it is a no pedestrian road normally.... except for this one day, it made it even cooler having it pretty much all to ourselves with no cars and very few runners/walkers.

My right calf is still a little tight and not 100% but it does seem to be coming around.

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