Working or Running?

Tonight is the first time I have run since Sunday's six mile tempo run. I ran five miles which was all my body could take me.  I have worked nearly 60 hours in the past 4 days because of some stuff going on at work that left me no choice but to work.

After working 15, 16, etc hour days I had nothing left to run by the time I got home at night.  I also didn't get up before work to run because I neither had the time, the energy, nor was I getting enough sleep.

Today, I finally got back to a little bit more normal work day, so I was able to get home from work in time to take my son to his Lacrosse practice.  I was exhausted, but I really wanted to run, so I took the opportunity to run the path around the football field that they practice on.  The path is just a touch longer than 1/4 mile so it took me about 18 laps to get the 5 miles in.

I hate running in circles! But I did what I needed to do, and it felt good to run!  I am sure part of the reason why I didn't go further than 5 miles was because I was running in circles.  I much prefer to just head out and eventually make my way back.  This thing about "getting home" every 1/4 mile is an almost insurmountable mental battle!

I started at nearly a 10 minute pace and finished the last mile at an 8 minute pace, and felt good throughout the five miles, other than being a little tired.  My thigh has been feeling great, which is really encouraging.  I hope it continues that to heal so I can get back to the mileage I was running before.

How do you work running in if you spend 15+ hours working - for days straight?  How do you find the energy?