Road ID Winner

Thank you everyone for stopping by, entering to win the Road ID and sharing it with all your real and virtual friends.  I am sorry this has taken a couple days longer than originally planned but I was having issues with Photobucket and my blog was looking a little bit funny so I opted to wait until all was back to normal.

We had 195 total entries, and many good comments along the way.  My brother in law who I talked about in this post entered as well, however I am hoping he doesn't win because then it will appear to be a bit fixed.  I have decided that I will be buying him a gift certificate myself to avoid any appearance of being biased. I am so proud of him and how he has quit smoking and started running recently, and with some specific medical issues he really needs a RoadID when he is running on his own.

I put the the entries in the random generator and out came 42.  Congratulations goes out to Kathy for this comment.  Kathy, please email me at so I can pass your email address on so you can receive your gift certificate.  If I don't hear from Kathy in the next 5 days I will need to pick another winner, so keep checking back. :)

Thanks everyone for entering and stopping by!  If you haven't had a chance yet make sure you stop by and Like the 26.2 Quest Fanpage and follow @262quest on twitter.

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