Mizuno Wave Prophecy - Cool Looking Shoes

As runners we all love our shoes, unless of course you are from the barefoot running crowd.  Barefoot running and minimalist shoes interest me, but I am still in the hmmmmm phase.  Today Mizuno launched the new Wave Prophecy in one of their biggest shoe launches to date.

I personally have not run in any Mizuno shoes, but my daughter's have, and have been very happy with their shoes.  The Wave Prophecy is a very cool looking shoe and will be sure to turn some heads and prompt some questions.  With the new infinity wave plates the shoe has a unique look, and one that will at first make you question what kind of support or cushion the shoe has.

I am quite intrigued, and I am working on getting my hands on a pair of these shoes to give them a true run for their money.  I won't be able to say for sure until that first run is complete whether these shoes pack the punch they profess to, or if it is just some very crafty marketing and design teams at work.  If I get the opportunity I will be sure to tell you what I honestly feel..... once I get past the coolness factor of course! :)

From the recent Mizuno Wave Prophecy Press Release:

The Wave Prophecy debuts the first full-length Infinity Wave Plate, a breakthrough that was seven years in the making.  The full length Infinity Wave Plate in the Wave Prophecy is an industry first in that in allows Mizuno designers to fine tune each individual section of the midsole, resulting in a unique heel-to-toe feel.  This innovation provides runners with a dynamic and forward propelling movement that works in harmony with the foot.  The Mizuno Dynamotion Fit™ feature provides extreme comfort and protection through its slipper-like feel of the stretchable mesh fabric.  The AP+ Midsole assists in the forward propulsion and bounce of the shoe, while the SmoothRide™ flex controllers built into the Wave plate in the forefoot minimize energy loss during toe off.  Additionally, Gender Engineering™ allows Mizuno to create a high quality and custom fit running shoe that meets the specific and varying needs of both men and women.
How do you choose your next pair of running shoes?  Does design play a part?  If so, how big a part of your decision making is the style and coolness factor?