Defined By Getting Up

This morning was not about running and was also not about the lack of miles.  This morning was defined by the fact that I got up and got my butt out the door to run, even when I was trying to talk myself out of it starting even last night.

My ankle hurt a bit over the weekend so I took yesterday off.  It was still hurting a little bit last night so when I went to bed late I had almost already talked myself out of running.  I even had my excuses lined up and ready.

  • I really need to let my ankle rest - it does still hurt right?  Yea, there, if I move this way.
  • I really need my sleep and I am going to bed late again.
  • I know 50 isn't cold, but it’s chilly & hasn't been this chilly in a while - I might get chilled.
I still laid out all my clothes and went to bed with the alarm set at 5 am.  The alarm went off and I got myself up and proceeded to try and talk myself out of running once again.

  • Yea, there is that little pain in the ankle.... or is it because I am getting old?
  • Wow, I am really tired and I am going to get sleepy later.
  • Is it really 51 degrees out?  That's awful chilly since it has been 70's and 80's lately.
  • I will be really upset at myself if  I go back to bed.
  • I will feel much better if I get up and run.
  • I can't run tonight because of my daughter's Track Banquet.

I got my butt out the door and went running.  I am very happy about it, and had a great run even though it was only a short two miles.  The best part was the killer second 7:25 mile I ran.  The run felt great and was a WIN for the morning runner inside trying to get out.

Do you sometimes try to talk yourself out of running or is it just me?  I can get this way both in the morning or the evening, it really doesn’t matter what time of day, sometimes I am just full of excuses.


  1. I don't think it's just you, I do it too! It doesn't matter how much I love running & the feeling that comes from it... for some reason my mind just wants to talk me out of it. Nice work overcoming!

  2. I totally do - but the "evil" side usually wins... zzzzzz

  3. Oh my goodnesss..I talk myself in AND out of running.  Definately not just you...  :) 

  4. Thanks Jill, that is the crazy thing.  People may think I don't love running because of this, but that isn't true.  It doesn't matter how much I love running I sometimes try to talk myself out of it. 

  5. I am trying to squash that evil side.... he has been winning too much for me too! 

  6. Thanks funderson!  I know it is not just me, but sometimes I need reminded! 

  7.  I'm slowly becoming a morning runner again and am really liking it. No demons trying to pull me back, surprisingly. The hardest thing lately has been rain, but I've managed to get out in that, too.

  8. I also find myself trying to talk myself out of running at times. Fortunately more often than not I still end up running. 

  9. There is something liberating about an early morning run in the rain that is awesome, but sometimes can make it tough to get out of bed.  Good job with your progress getting back to being a morning runner! 

  10. Good for you Patrick!  As long as your winning that battle most of the time you are on the right track. 

  11. Good for you, Tim!

  12. Absolutely. Always try to talk myself out of running, which is why, like you, I run in the mornings.  Then, I have less time to come up with excuses.  The running's the easy part; getting out the door's the thing. Well done.

  13. I couldn't have said it better myself Andrew! 

  14. Amanda@runninghoodMay 20, 2011, 12:19:00 AM

     I get this way a lot when I'm not training for something but if I'm training for a specific race then I rarely want to miss a workout.  If I had to run mornings, however, I would probably want to miss them all!  :)  So not a morning runner!  :)  Great job getting out there!

  15. That is so me too Amanda.  I find that I have to have a goal including the race as well for me to have the motivation I need.  That is what I am lacking right now.  I have a couple races on the horizon, but they are shorter distances of 4 miles and a 10k, and I currently don't have a goal for ether one of them.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  16. I used to talk myself out of it quite a bit, but now I can't imagine what else I would do with my time. Of course, I don't usually run first thing in the morning--if I did, I probably wouldn't EVER run. :) Good for you getting up! What's wrong with your ankle?

  17. Thanks Chanda!

    The ankle is fine, I just have issues every once in a while when I run
    too long of a distance in shoes without enough support.

    I think this time it was more because of the lack of distance lately
    and then running a bit further (albeit short) distance the previous

    Thanks for stopping by!