Final run before surgery

Yesterday morning I went out for my final run before surgery.  It was the best run I have had since my accident back in June and the first surgery.  I went out for just 3 miles, but it was the first run since the doctors told me I could swing my arms pretty freely.  It was so much more comfortable than holding my left arm in place while running.

This morning I head back to the hospital for the removal of the pin from my clavicle.  I have been looking forward to this day for 6 months, however I still get really irritable when I cannot eat or drink.  I don't know what it is I just like to eat and drink. :)

My surgery was originally scheduled for 10:00 with an arrival time of 8:30 but they called me yesterday and rescheduled for a 12:00 surgery and 10:30 arrival time.  That is not too bad, but I am hoping it doesn't get delayed much more than that because then we will have issues with kids getting home from school since my wife will be there to drive me home.

The surgery is a fairly simple surgery and should only take 30 minutes with all the preparation, putting me out, etc.  The doctor said many doctors do this procedure in the office but he prefers not to because he cannot numb the bone and it can end up being very painful when the pin is pulled out.  I was more than obliged to let him send me to the hospital for outpatient surgery and let him put me under.

I asked the doctor about running following the surgery.  He told me that I would need to take it easy for a little bit with the range of motion of my arm since the bone has to get used to not having the pin, but he did tell me that running a little bit would not be a problem.  He just told me that I could not play tackle football...... hmmmm, at my age?

Looking forward to getting this behind me.

Tim Wilson -


  1. Wishing you all the best! Hope you're home in a few hours happily pin-free :-) --Alex (aka run350)

  2. Best of luck to you and your bone. No tackel football, how about hockey or rugby?

  3. Thanks both for the well wishes, all went very good!