Peachtree Road Race - Tomorrow

I don't know a lot of the history, but I do know that 40 years ago it was run for the first time by 110 runners, one of them being the one man that has run every race for the past 40 years - Bill Thorn. I know that the field is limited to 55,000 runners, and it is not the easiest race to get into (although I have been able to get in the last three years without any issue)

Two sayings that Bill Thorn shares with his runners at Landmark Christian: “When it’s hard to run, run hard.” “In running, you’ve got to deal with three things — sweat, discomfort and heavy breathing. If you can’t deal with those three things, then running isn’t for you.

The other things I know about the Peachtree Road Race pertain specifically to me. This will be my third year running (more appropriatly - doing) it. The first year, 2007, it was my first 10k race and I ran it in 1:03:59 after just 6 months of losing weight in which I would eventually lose 90 lbs.

The second year I participated in the Peachtree Road Race was just last year. I had a qualifying time from the Shamrock & Roll of 48:03 and was looking forward to running in Time Group 1A. I ended up not being able to run it because of being tripped in the S.W.A.T. Trot 5k just a few weeks before the race and breaking my collar bone in two places. I did end up planning for and then just walking the Peachtree last year.

I am really looking forward to the Peachtree Road Race again this year. I am excited because I am able to run it again and also because my qualifying time of 48:03 at the Shamrock & Roll was still within the timeframe and I was able to use it to get my Time Group 1A again this year. I have a time goal of sub-50 which I know I can do, it just depends on a lot of things one of them being the big crowds and getting around them.

This will be my first 10k back since returning from the broken collar bone injury, but I have done a couple 5k's and have trained well for it with plenty of 10k + distance training runs.

Well, that will be it until I put up the race report. I am off to get Pizza for the family for dinner. I am going to be eating some left over chicken and pasta from last nights dinner. I don't need the pizza on my stomach for the race tomorrow.

Till tommorrow!

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  1. I know you'll do great tomorrow! Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Good luck Tim and have fun!

    One of my friends will be running tomorrow - Billy Chorey. Wish him luck if you see him :)


  3. I hope it went well...looking forward to your race report

  4. I was late reading your post. Hope you had a great time. Ive found that is the most important thing anyway.

  5. Hope you did great in the Peachtree. The weather was perfect for some fast times!

    That's so simple and true that if you don't like sweat, discomfort, and heavy breathing then running isn't for you. I think I should start telling people that who ask me if they should start running.

  6. i'm late, but hope the race went well! can't wait to hear about it.

  7. Like many... I was late to read this! I hope you rocked the Peachtree. I cannot wait to do it next year! =)

  8. I checked the results. Congrats on a great time! Look forward to the details.

  9. Thank you all for the well wishes. It was a good race. I finally got my race report up yesterday.