The Coming 13.1 Marathon - Atlanta

I still think it is a strange name for a half marathon, but I guess I understand the angle they are coming from as far as marketing goes. Their tag line is:

"It isn't half of anything"

This Sunday, October 4th, I will be running the Inaugural 13.1 Marathon in Atlanta. The half marathon is the premier event and that is where their name and tag line comes in.

13.1 Atlanta™ is one of the latest craze in themed half-marathons so come ready to experience some of the best Southern Rock and Southern cooking. This race is about the run, the fun, the sights and the experience. It will be truly one of a kind and the most fun running experience of your life! Don't miss out on this inaugural event, register now to insure you will be one of the first to start, finish, and rock 13.1 Atlanta™...Where the Party meets the Pavement!

I am excited as it will be my second half marathon, after my first one back in February of 2008, the Run The Reagan Half Marathon. I finished that half marathon in 1:55:46 and just a few short months later was tripped in a 5k race and broke my collar bone, taking me completely out of running and any hope of completing my first marathon later that year. It took 8 months to be able to start running again, and even longer to get anywhere near being able to run the half marathon distance again.

Running this half marathon is not the goal, in fact I have not been training for a half marathon at all, but rather I am training for my first Full Marathon, the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon on November 14th. This half marathon just happened to fall in a great place on my schedule when I am completely ready and able to run a half marathon....... and also falls on a step back mileage week when I am supposed to run a 12 mile long run on Sunday as opposed to the 20 milers I have been doing..... What perfect timing!

I am really looking forward to this race, it looks like it will be packed with entertainment and a lot going on, much different from the low key Run The Reagan Half Marathon. I do have a time goal, but it is not really aggressive because I don't want to hurt myself so close to my marathon. First and foremost I want to beat my last half marathon time of 1:55:46, which I shouldn't have any trouble doing. The second, and more aggressive goal, is to run under 1:50:00. I am not sure I will be able to keep the 8:24 pace for that long, but we will see. Either way I will be happy since ultimately this is just another training run for the ultimate goal in November!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck! It sounds fun! I'm just coming off running my first half and I loved it! Now I'm setting my sights on Vermont for my first full. Enjoy your blog immensely. Keep up the good work.

  2. sounds like a fun race!!! good luck

  3. The weather this weekend should be great for racing and 13.1 is such a good balance of fun/challenge in a race. Good luck to you!

  4. From the website it looks like it would be a fun race. I guess all the flood water is gone so you guys can do the race.

    Good Luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  5. Thanks all for stopping by, reading, and the comments. It will be a nice weekend from how it looks.

    Yea - they say the flooding didn't affect that area, and the flooding is slowly leaving - the affects in some places is still going to take a while.

  6. Good luck!!! Have a great time :)

  7. I cringed when I read that you were tripped during a 5K and broke your collar bone. Now I have some else to worry about during races.

    I have a friend who is running the Chickamauga. I've lost count but I think that it will be his 31st state.

    Btw, I lived in Lawrenceville prior to moving to Jersey in 2000.

    Good luck tomorrow and good luck with the rest of your marathon training.

  8. I can't wait for the race report!

    Have a blast.

  9. good luck tomorrow! i love running other races in the midst of marathon training - definitely helps with motivation and it's fun to see a new pr, or something close to it at least!

  10. i'm so excited for you! i haven't been able to keep up the tweets this weekend so i will eagerly await your race update. ummm, sooo.....
    i so hope you did well and had a great race!

  11. Hope your half marathon went well. I just happened upon your blog. I really enjoy reading blogs of people trying to do their first marathon. Based on your first time for your half it sounds like you will do very well attempting your first full marathon. I look forward to following your adventure.