Three in a row

OK, it isn't much of a streak for many runners, but today marks the first time I can remember running three days in a row.

My runs have not been feeling great lately. I am not sore or anything, but they just don't feel great.

Saturday's run was a bit fast for a training run at an average of about 8:49/mile for the 4 miler. I felt the burning in my chest like we all know, but it made no sense since that was my average mile for the half marathon, and it seems like I felt better at the end of the half marathon than I did at the end of this four miler. I know that isn't true from a legs standpoint, but it does seem true from a lungs standpoint.

Sunday I went out for 2 miles with my daughter, this run felt a bit better, but not great considering the pace of about 9:14/mile.

This mornings run felt like one of the best ones I have had for some time. Sure the first two miles were kinda rough, but aren't they always? The rest of the run I just got in that grove and it felt great! I hope I am now on the upward swing. If only I could do the same for my weight loss......