I AM NORMAL..... at least today!

OK, this isn't much about my running, but it does affect my running, and is a hugh deal to me so I am posting it.

I wrote up more about it on my other blog at blog.2big.org, but the short of it is..... I am 170 lbs today. I am sure it is because I was sick from food poisoning the last couple days, but I was close to this already so it wasn't just because of being sick. This 170 means I am normal according to the governments official BMI calculations. I will be bouncing back up over the next two days I am sure, but it was very cool to see today.

Because of the food poisoning I am still not feeling up to running today, so this week will not be much more than the 20 miles I have already put in. I may run a couple miles tomorrow depending on how I feel.