Well, I blew it....

Well, I blew it. I got up this morning and had breakfast before my run. I got tired of never being able to eat breakfast on Saturday mornings because of my long runs. This is the only morning my wife cooks breakfast for me and I always miss it. So, I chose to eat breakfast and then go out after a bit of letting everything settle. I ate a yummy egg, sausage, hash brown, and toast at about 9:15 and then headed out the door at about 10:30.

By 10:30 the sun was nice and high, and hot. It was not too hot out, but with the sun and the almost 80% humidity it was rough. I planned on running 12 or 13, and on my way out strategically placed my water bottles and a gel for the run. I felt really good and my run was starting off really good. I then realized after the first mile that I was going out too fast.... in fact a good 30 sec a mile faster than my Half Marathon race pace. Considering I was going about the same distance I was starting to wonder when I would crash.

During the first few miles it was running through my head about how great of a blog post that would be. Me telling everyone how well the miles have been paying off and how I did a Half Marathon in training faster than when I did the actual race. All that came to a halt at about mile 5 when I started really feeling it. I ended up giving in and hanging up the towel at a 10k, under half of what I set out to do.

I am not upset, it was just some poor planning that got me where I was. I had a really good run, and probably the best ever 10k in training at just over 52 minutes. This is something I am happy with, I just wish I would have been planning a 10k all along, and not giving up on my 13 mile long run. I did what I felt I needed to do, my legs and all felt good, but I just pushed my body too hard under the circumstances. I think pushing myself on would have very possibly hurt me in some way.


  1. Focus on the positive ... you had a great 10K run ... I never run well after a big eat ... I'm cutting down to just a banana before a run, seems to work better. Then I have the big family breakfast when I get back :)

  2. You listened to your body and that was the right thing to do. Not every run will go as you planned. Can I come over to your house for breakfast next Saturday morning? :)

    One of my favorite training traditions is to cook myself a yummy breakfast after a long run - egg, bacon, toast, juice... it makes a great reward or pick-me-up depending on how the run went. If I don't run, I don't make the breakfast - motivation enough to get out there!

  3. I really shouldn't have given the post that title. I really don't think I blew it, although I wish I would have run a bit different and went the full distance.

    I know I had an awesome 10k training run and am happy for that.... plus I had a nice breakfast :)

    My problem lies in that since I get up between 4:15 and 4:45 each weekday morning I like to sleep in on Saturday. So when I do that and then go for a long run I don't get home till about 11:00 which is then too late for breakfast..... or at least too late for my wife to fix me breakfast since everyone has already eaten. I just need to get up by about 7:30 and get out and get it done.... that would solve all my problems.... then just take an afternoon nap :)