4 miles in the rain - negative splits

I woke up in the middle of the night to a major downpour. I thought - wow - this morning is a 4 mile run, I hope it slows down a bit before time to get up and get going.

When I rolled out of bed at 4:45 it seemed to have stopped raining so I proceeded to get ready and do all my Monday morning measurements. I was looking forward to my run on this rainy, 61 degree, 99% humidity morning. I finished up and headed out the door at about 5:15. When I walked out the door I noticed the rain had not stopped, but was very light.

The rain came and went the entire run, but since it had rained so hard overnight I had the wonderful enjoyment of puddle hopping, and trying to find all the puddles in the dark (or not find them as it be this morning) I did pretty good at missing most of them, but a couple times the light was not good enough to keep from the splash. I can only wonder how many worms lives were ended under the soles of my running shoes.

My run went really good, and I felt really good. I ended up with an 8:50 average mile on my 4 miler. I had negative splits of 9:26 - 9:15 - 8:45 - 8:16 which I was very happy with.


  1. Tim-
    The rain woke me up last night between 2:00 and 2:30 a.m.- what a down pour!!!

    Good job getting out and getting the run in!

  2. Glad your run went well.

    We're heading into the wet season here so I'm wondering what kind of wet weather running gear do you use?

  3. Kudos!

    I usually roll over and say, "screw it, I'm not running in the rain." Good job on staying motivated enough to run in the rain/dark! :)


  4. Thanks for stopping by and the comments!

    Andrew - for wet weather running I usually just wear the same thing I would any other time. I am not all that high tech when it comes to clothing or running gear..... other than my shoes.

  5. You're a harder man than me Tim! I'm not particularly keen on running in the rain but will give it a go as Winter looms.