Another new distance

Well, I did it this morning. I pushed past the two miler for the first time since surgery.

I got up this morning about my normal time of 4:40, but this time I didn't do the normal hitting the computer to clean up my e-mail and read some blogs. Living in the Atlanta area where we are experiencing the shortage of gas, I too am feeling the crunch. I refused to sit for 45 minutes in a line to wait for gas over the weekend. I figured, I am usually up by 5:00 AM, I will just try to find a gas station with gas first thing.

My plan paid off. I got out the door just before 5:00 am and the first place I tried, the gas station closest to home, the one that has been out more than most..... had gas! And not only did they have gas, they had it for less than $4.00. And yes, for all those of you in Atlanta, I pulled right up to one of the empty pumps and filled her up with a smile on my face.

OK, back to the run. I had a bit more time at the gym this morning so even though it was difficult, I pushed past the 2 miles and accomplished my first 3 miler since surgery.

Till next time....

Tim Wilson -