Another day.... Another run

I have officially made it my first two run week for well over a month.  I even pushed myself to three miles and it felt really good.

I am not at the office today so I was able to make the trip to the gym with my wife.  She is always a great motivator and I love it when we are able to go to the gym together.  Once we get there we both do our own thing, but I know I have to keep busy for at least 30 - 45 minutes since that is the minimum she does.  Many mornings at 5:00 AM I will only be at the gym for 20 - 30 minutes because of the limited time I have.

I ran 2 miles on Wednesday, and then walked briskly for 30 minutes yesterday, so today I had my mind made up that I would do another 2 miles.  The running is still difficult because I have allowed myself to get so far out of shape.  This has not been completely my fault, but much of the blame does find itself resting squarely on my two shoulders..... one shoulder taking a little bit more of the weight :)

My mind saying two miles kept me going through the first 2 miles, but pure determination kept me going through the next mile.  It felt so good to put 3 miles in, but was so hard at the same time.

Keep on coming back and reading, I still have some hurdles to get over in the next couple months, but I will be back running regularly before you know it.

Tim Wilson -