I needed that

Lately I have been apathetic about running, or maybe the definition for pathetic would be a better overall synopses.  

The last time I ran, long long ago, my shoulder hurt for a few days following.  I used that as an excuse to not get out and run for the rest of the week.  The weeks following I continued to use that excuse and added to it the excuse of stress of work and lack of sleep.  Truth be told, I just didn't feel like trying to fight running with one arm and causing any discomfort.  I was just not feeling like running.

One of the side effects of not running is that my eating habits have been suffering.  I just have a hard time keeping my diet clean, healthy, and in check when I am not exercising.  I think there is something physiological about cravings and how much physical activity we participate in.  There is just a very real difference in what I crave and how much I eat when I am being sedentary.

Last night I got to bed at a decent time, so this morning it was a whole lot easier to get up when the alarm went off at 4:30.  I was up and at it immediately which felt good as a change.  I don't think it was by chance that as I was doing my morning devotions that the scripture was James 1:22-25.  It was just very encouraging to me this morning considering all I have been going through lately.

I made it off to the gym this morning for a 2 mile run on the treadmill.  It was a difficult 2 miles as my lungs were not being shy about telling me that I have not been doing this to them lately.... and they were not happy.  I persevered and hit the 2 mile mark.  This was a great accomplishment because I wanted to give up at the half mile mark.

Keep encouraging me..... I will get back there.

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