A Long Way To Go

I went for a run today, only the second run since the pin was removed, and one of very few that were run on the road since the injury over 6 months ago.  During the run I realized just how far I have to go to get back to where I was.

I went for just over a mile run with my daughter, Payton.  We took off a bit fast for the fitness level we are both at (especially me) and so not even a half a mile in my chest was burning quite a bit.
I knew we were running a bit too fast because I was checking my new GPS watch, my MyTach GPS Sport Trainer.  I have not yet installed the software for the watch, but I have taken it on a couple runs so far and am really loving it.  I love to see how fast I am going, to see how far I have gone, and what my average mph are.  I am really looking forward to see what other information I can get once I install the software.

Since I have such a long way to go, and the collar bone is feeling good I am looking for a little bit more accountability.  I know I have a fair amount of readers, and a decent number of commenter's.  I am sure that has dropped off a bit when I wasn't able to run..... but I know there are quite a few that are lurking just waiting for me to start running so they can start hammering me again.  Well, here is your chance.  I am looking for pressure and prodding to get me back out there and running so I can get back to the level I was before.... and beyond.  The blog address is still 26.2 Quest and my journey still has a focus of running my first marathon.  The secret goal was to run that marathon before my 40th birthday..... and I just had my 39th last week..... The injury slowed me down a bit, but it has not kept me from this goal, it has just given me less options.

Looking forward to the added pressure :)

Tim Wilson - blog.262quest.com