My first 3+ miler... kinda

I think it is about time to start the new year off with a post.  I hadn't realized that I hadn't updated you all since the first of the year.  I honestly thought that I had.

This week I finished off with actually getting out and running three times.  There was even some resemblance of a schedule to my runs.  It wasn't really all that structured, but it was somewhat like it used to be back at the height of my training last year.  I put a two miler in on Monday morning 5:00 am, and again on Thursday morning at 5:00 am.  I would have gotten out on Wednesday morning but it was raining and I am not quite back to that level yet..... although I will be soon.  I then wrapped up the week today with a 3.2 miler.  This is the longest I have run since my injury 7 months ago.

Today's 3.2 mile run started with the first mile run with my daughter, Payton.  We ran just over a one mile circle and I dropped her back off at home as I continued one more circle and then a short out and back distance to finish off my run.  It was a really good run, and I am happy for the new distance.  Each week I hope to progress a little bit more and push that distance a little bit more.

I am really enjoying my MyTach GPS Sport Trainer.  It really helps me worry less about where I will run and where the mile markers are etc.  I can just get out and go and it takes care of how fast I am running and how far.  It lets me enjoy the run more and plan less.  I will still have an overall plan, but the mapping out the courses will not be as important to me.

Till next time.....

Tim Wilson -


  1. I'm glad to see you are getting back into the running.

  2. Good to see you getting started again. Having something to tell you the distance and speed is a must for me. I've been using a Polar watch that enables me to go running anywhere without much planning. I just go and then turn when I reach half the distance.

  3. Nice to see you back in action again, Tim! Hope you & Payton had a great run! Nice to have the company, eh?!

  4. Congrats on the 3+ miler :-) You are really making progress! --Alex (aka run350)

  5. Thanks all for stopping by and the encouragement. Tomorrow morning will be another early morning -very cold- run. :) And I am looking forward to it.