My battery has run dry

Today was the first time I have had to charge my MyTach GPS Sport Trainer.  While running this morning I was just finishing up my last tenth of a mile when I looked down and the watch was off.  When I run in the early morning I turn the backlight on so I can look down at any time and see how I am doing.  I am sure this drains the battery faster, but is a great feature when I run in the dark.

I am still very impressed with the battery life.  I have had it for just over 4 weeks and have not had to charge it till today.  The other thing I am impressed with is that it saved my run before going dead.  Sure it didn't get the last tenth of a mile, but it recorded everything up until the point it went dead.  The true test will be when I head out for my first marathon :)

Tim Wilson -


  1. I use the Nike+ sport chip instead of any GPS device but it sucks up battery like no other. I ran the Disney World marathon last weekend and my iPod ran out of batteries by mile 10! Anyways, do you like Mytach? Check out my running blog if you're interested in Nike+. Keep up the good running!

  2. That would not be good, I would be irritated if it died before the race was over.

    I really do like the MyTach a lot. I am getting ready to install the software so I can see the additional features.

    I will stop by and take a look at your blog