First (kinda) 10 miler

I consider this 10 miler my first (kinda) because I put in up to 14 miles last year before I fell and broke my collar bone. Sure I had put 10 milers in before running my half marathon, but after nearly 8 months off running trying to heal that collar bone, this is truly another first.

I just got back from running a nice easy paced 10 miler. I intentionally ran a nice easy pace because I wanted to complete it and I wanted to complete it strong. My mile splits can be found here

Immediately following my 10 mile run I went back out for a nice 1 mile run with my daughter. I have to admit I really didn't feel like running another mile, but I always enjoy running with her. She has a new pair of running shoes and she wanted to try them out before next weeks running club at school.

Till next time - have a Happy Easter!

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