Night run and wisdom tooth

I just got back from a very nice night 4 mile run - one of the very few that I have done. I have done some evening runs, but not many this late. I started at about 8:50 pm. The shadows are a bit different in the evening than in the morning. I went out this evening because I only got 2 miles in this morning because my running partner joined me again this morning and he had not run in almost 3 weeks. We were planning on doing 3 miles but he just couldn't get past 2. I wanted to get another run in before tomorrow because I will be getting an impacted wisdom tooth removed and will not be able to run for a few days.

I was very happy with the run and the pace I was able to keep. You can see my splits on my running log here.

Wish me luck for my wisdom tooth, I have been putting this off for 13 years!

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