Rain, rain, and more rain

The weather.com website said 61 and light rain. I had been fooled by this before.

I waited for my running partner but I knew that he may not show so I didn't wait long. 5:25 I was out the door committed to 4 miles, rain or no rain. The run started off with light rain just like the website said, but a half a mile into my run it started to rain pretty heavily. This continued for about a mile and then tapered off to almost nothing. Another mile went by and the heavy rain returned.... this time it was here to stay.

I ran a good 4 miles, and was absolutely drenched when I walked in the door. I even had to pull the inserts out of my shoes so they will have an attempt at drying before my next run. If there ever is a time that I wouldn't need to shower following a run.... this just may be it.

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