30+ Miles - First time ever

This past week marks the first 30 mile week I have ever put in (30.2 to be exact). The closest I came before was a 28 mile week back in April of 2008, just following my first half marathon. It was shortly after that when I was injured and my mileage came to a screeching halt. Even during the month leading up to my first half marathon I didn't come close to a 30 mile week.

Being that this is the first week of the month, this also puts me easily on track to hit my first 100 mile month, the closest before being just this past month at 91.8 miles, and April 2008 with 96.1 miles.

I am on the verge of starting my training for my first marathon, and also my second half marathon. I know I could get out and do a half marathon now if I had to, or at least after a couple more weeks of building mileage, so I am not concerned with that. My current longest long run is 10 miles, which I will probably not increase until next week.

This week will probably not be a 30+ week as I will be forgoing my long run this Saturday to run the S.W.A.T. Trot 5k with my daughter. This is the race that I was tripped in last year and subsequently broke my collar bone.

My running log from Running Ahead can always be found on the right sidebar, but following are some links to weekly and monthly mileage since I began running. I began running in early 2007, but didn't start logging my mileage until my first race in July. The drop to zero in 2008 was due to the broken collar bone.