Ankle - please straighten up!

This week started off to be a week that I was looking forward to.  This Saturday was going to be the return of the race that last year put me out of running commission for 8 months.  You can see my post just last week for more information and the history of this race for me.

Monday and Tuesday this week were some nice easy runs, and I decided to follow on Wednesday with an 8 miler.  Since I will be running the 5k race on Saturday night it gives no time for a long run.  If I was running the 5k race in the morning I would probably head back out later in the evening for a long run, but since it is in the evening I want to make sure I am fresh.

My 8 mile run was excellent, I really couldn't ask for a much better run.  Each mile was progressively faster than the previous mile and I was just feeling the groove.  You can see the details of this run on my training log.  

It wasn't till the last 3 tenths of a mile that this run turned horribly wrong.  I came down on my right foot and my ankle kinda gave way and started to hurt.  The only thing I can think is that I put off replacing my old shoes for way too long and my ankles had started to bother me.  I have my new shoes now, and my ankles have been feeling better, but I am afraid they are still a little weak and will take a little time to fully recover.

By the time I got to the office on Wednesday my right ankle was hurting pretty bad.  I do have a desk job so I was able to rest it most of the day and by the time I got home it was feeling a lot better.  I decided to go ahead and forego the runs I had in the plans for Thursday and Friday to let the ankle strenthen up before my race on Saturday.  It is feeling pretty good now.

Do you ever have problems with your ankles?  What do you do when you have this type of pain with your ankle?  Looking forward to hearing from all my seasoned runners, and even those that are just starting out.  Should I wrap it for the race tomorrow night, and if so, how should I do so?

Till next time....

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