Just A Couple Quick Things

This past Thursday my 8 year old son, Brady, who was part of his elementary school's Cross Country/Running Club, had his final run of the season. Throughout the season they met once a week and worked on different things to do with running, and this final day was the "Colt Bolt 3k Fun Run"

Thursday morning was my first run back following the marathon, and I thought the Fun Run was only going to be a mile so I told him I would run with him. When I got there and found out it was a 3k I thought to myself I should have just run the Fun Run as my first run back instead of both the morning run and this run.

When we were lining up at the start Brady was begging me not to run with him. I think he was embarrassed because there were not too many parents running with their kids. I had taken off work early for this and really was looking forward to it so I didn't obey his wishes and ran :)

He did really good and I was very proud of him for running the entire thing without walking even one step. He did really good and finished in 18:02 with a 9:41 pace. He told me after that he was happy that I ran with him and that it helped him keep running the whole time. That makes it worth it :)

On a different front......

Today was my daughter Payton's first run back after two weeks down time following her State Cross Country meet on November 7th. I was going to go out for 3 myself, but we went out for 2 miles to start back slowly.... tomorrow I will take her 10 miles :). She starts winter conditioning for Track on Monday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (if you are in the United States - if not have a wonderful Thursday!)

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