8 Miles Down.... 9 To Go - (and 1,000 miles)

Today's "long run" (can you really call it that?) of 8 miles is in the books. It is the final long(er) run of my marathon taper. I have been trying to run all my runs lately at my target marathon pace. For the shorter distances this is an easy pace so it is hard to keep myself from going faster. I have been working on this so I know how it feels and so I can work on staying consistent.

Breaking News!!!!!!
I just flipped over to my RunningAhead Running Log and noticed that today's run took me over 1,000 miles for the year. I wasn't watching for that, but knew that I would hit it sometime this year. It is cool to hit it in the last week of my marathon taper.
I have just 9 miles left in my taper before I run the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon this Saturday, November 14th. I will be running 3 miles on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday, and then 2 on Friday. All to finish off the Hal Higdon Intermediate II Marathon Training Schedule which I followed loosely these past 4+ months.

With my daughter's State Cross Country Meet finished yesterday I am sure I will start focusing and obsessing with the race this Saturday.

I am so looking forward to this :)


  1. Congrats on 1000 miles! I'm not sure what I've done this year, as I've been inconsistant with tracking my milage. I know I have at least 500-750, but maybe close to 1K.

    Getting excited for Saturday yet?

    ~cheers, Irish

  2. Getting very excited - thanks :)

  3. congrats on hitting the 1000 mile mark! nice to have a little boost during the lull of taper.

  4. Congratulations on your 1000+ miles for the year. My goal is 475. Good luck with the Marathon on the 14th. I enjoy your posts, Keep writing. Keep RUnning!

  5. Congrats on the 1000 miles! Good luck Saturday!

  6. 1000 miles, that's great. I love the taper in a training plan. Good luck at the race.

  7. Congrats on the 1000 miles! I'm just about there myself. Another long run or so away.

    The nerves must be building a bit now! I'm really looking forward to reading your race report!

  8. Good luck on the marathon! And congrats on 1000 miles!

  9. Sorry for the spam message all -


    Thanks for the kind words and stopping by, I really appreciate it!

  10. Aweseome! Congrats on the milestone.

  11. Good luck. My prediction 3:54:45. Go get em.