How Do You Describe Your Runs?

I know the grammar isn't complete, but isn't that what Twitter has made us do?

If I was given much more space on Twitter who knows how many more adjectives I could have come up with? :)

The run was just as I said it: Invigorating, lung busting, rainy, cold, and hilly. I was very pleased with it, but it (mostly the hills) kicked my butt..... and I loved it!

I was running a new route. My daughter was running 4 miles with a friend and needed a ride to her house. I figured I would take her there and run my 4+ mile run from there as well. I figured we would get back close to the same time and all would be good. It was a good run, but with a bit more hills then I had hoped to run. When I got back my phone rang and she asked..... are you back yet? She was inside eating some soup. We drove what she "said" was 4 miles...... She is outside in our neighborhood right now running two more miles to bring her day to 5 miles...... you do the math :)

How do you describe your runs?

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