It Sure Has Been Cold Running Weather!

This past couple weeks has been the longest cold stretch I can remember since we moved to Georgia 10 years ago. This past week I am not sure it got much over freezing during the day, if at all.

This hasn't stopped me (us) from running although it has been more difficult to get up and out the door, I am just very happy my wife bought me a long sleeve under-armor (type) shirt for Christmas..... it was the best gift :)

Monday morning was the coldest run that I have had this week, and one of my coldest ever. It was 18 degrees with a wind chill of 6 degrees.

Tuesday was still cold but I waited till after work to go running with my daughters when it warmed up to 29 degrees. We ran 2.5 miles all together - Ashlee, my new runner is up to 2.5 miles now! :) We dropped her off at home and Payton and I continued to make it a 4.1 mile run.

Wednesday I just didn't have it in me to get up and out the door after a less than perfect nights sleep, and by the time I got home dinner was ready and I just couldn't do it. There will be days like this...... so I am told :)

Thursday I started the morning with much more self discipline, plus it wasn't quite as cold as it had been the last three mornings :). It was a nice warm 26 degrees, especially since the wind wasn't blowing. It was comfortable, and after the first couple miles turned into a really good 4 mile run.

Today was just plain cold! We got our blizzard here in Georgia last night. It could be compared to a light dusting in most northern states, but for us it is downright treacherous. The schools were all closed and many businesses were either closed or had a delayed opening. I chose not to get up and run this morning because it would be too difficult and dangerous to run and avoid the icy patches all over the roads without any daylight to help me.

Our office closed at 4:00 so everyone could make it home before dark and it was a good thing because there is still a lot of icy patches all over, many of which you wouldn't see in the dark. This also gave me an opportunity to go for a run with my daughter Payton while we could still see those icy spots on the roads and sidewalks.

It was a really cold 3.1 mile run - especially for it being 5 in the afternoon. It was also tough to watch for and avoid all the icy spots in the road and sidewalks, but much better than if it had been dark. It is currently 23 and really windy with a wind chill of 9 degrees.

They are telling us it is going to remain cold over the weekend and then start to warm up a bit. I like running in the cold..... but I have had almost enough........ I never said I was hard core like you northerners are :)

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